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Project Description
With RDPAddins .NET framework you can build rdp channel addins in your favourite .NET language

still under construction :) and yeah i know my english is bad :)

About the project

Name - why RDPAddins .NET?

Well it's pretty simple:
  • "RDP" stands for Remote Desktop Protocol.
  • "Addin" means what it means but here it means Remote Desktop Services Virtual Channels.
  • "s" - plural, means that this is not "an addin", this is rather framework for build and managing the addins.
  • ".NET" means that you'll be able to build addins (Virtual Channels extensions for Remote Desktop Services) in any .NET programming language.

How did it start?

Few years ago i wrote the article on the code project about Virtual Channels.
The article shows how to build Virtual Channels extension in C#, it using an ugly hack to build such thing but it works...

So, why change it?

... to be continued ... but in few words the answer is 42(just kidding):
  • to build addins without hack (hack is still there but in the RDPAddins.Core.dll and only there)
  • for simple addin distribution

How it works? - diagram


For more info see documentation

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